Gd Scara Robot Co., Ltd.

GD SCARA ROBOT Co., Ltd. is an intelligent automation technology enterprise integrating researching, design, manufacturing and sales service. Our ultrasonic welding technology has a history of nearly 20 years. About 20 senior engineers have more than 5 years of experience in the researching of automation equipment, and have obtained 19 national patents including invention and technology patents. Nearly 20 people professional after-sales service team, ready to respond to all kinds of customer problems, so that you have no worries after sales. The company is located in the scenic songshan lake, the national high-tech industrial development zone, its production base - southnekon is located in Dongguan, known as the world factory.

Our company is committed to the research and manufacture of various auto parts welding machines, plastic welding machines, hot-melt machines, hot riveting machines, ultrasonic metal spot welding machines and wire beam welding machines. Meanwhile, we can customize various ultrasonic non-standard machines and provide various shapes of ultrasonic molds for test samples. The company produces precision robot ultrasonic welding machine, so that you can achieve man-machine interaction. All kinds of intelligent operation are simple and convenient, improve working efficiency, improve product quality, bring you special experience. Our ultrasonic mould and welding head are made of titanium alloy material, which is durable. PLC control system, simple operation, the company′s products are exported to Europe, the United States, the Middle East and southeast Asia more than 30 countries and regions, in the domestic and foreign markets enjoy a good reputation.

We are in line with the spirit of excellence, pursuit of excellence in the enterprise, the production of high quality products. Pay attention to the small details of the machine and save large labor costs. Make yourself proud and let your guests rest assured.

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